The Most Beautiful Restaurant in the World is on Symi Island in Greece

The Secret Garden is situated in an unlikely corner of a village in Symi, this little delight is the epitome of Greek island dining

Philotimo: the Greek Word that can’t be translated.

A Greek is not a Greek without it.

Greece former king Constantine Glyxburg died at the age of 82

The former king Constantine II died at the age of 82 . He was being treated for the last few days in a hospital in Attica.

Colossi of Love - Meet the the Greek characters known as "kamaki"

Best Documentary Film Award at Los Angeles Greek Film Festival (2010)

Rhodes among the 100 best city destinations in the world

Athens has moved up the ranking to 23rd spot, followed by Rhodes (53rd)

The "Flying Greek" Mike Pappas dies. He was born and raised in Agios Isidoros of Rhodes

Pappas is most known about the US northeast, working undercards in the WWWF — and for being agile in a land of giants.

Experience the Magic and Romance of Rhodes Old Town: A Guide to the Island's Medieval Heart

Rhodes Old Town: From the Palace of the Grand Masters to Secret Streets and Alleys

Experience the Magic of Symi: A Romantic Island Getaway

Discover the Charm and Beauty of Symi Island in the Aegean Sea

Tomb of Cleobulus the Lindian, Rhodes, Lindos, Greece

The most famous burial monument of "Kleoboulos" in Lindos

Things to do in Rhodes

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