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Embonas Village, Rhodes

Embonas Village, Rhodes

At the foothills of the highest mountain of Rhodes, 54 km from its center, lies the village of Embonas, the name of which comes from the word “amvon“, meaning a mountain slope. The village may lack the architectural features that would grant it the uniform quality of a traditional settlement, but it is an important destination for the lovers of gastronomy, fine wine, nature, photographers who want to capture rare plants, such as orchids, through their lens or those who wish to admire the breathtaking view from the 1,216 meter- high Mount of Attavyros by simply hiking or climbing to the top.

A village famous for its raw materials; a village where most of the residents are engaged in agriculture, since there are numerous vineyards, olive trees, green groceries and orchards all over the region, as well as livestock farming. It is no wonder that many travelers are eager to taste the famous meat, combining this delicious treat with a tour in the village’s largest winery or local wineries and distilleries, where some of the island’s best wine and “souma” (a local strong spirit) varieties are produced.

In the center of Embonas, there is the Church of the village dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary, and a few steps further you will find the folklore museum where there are exhibits of old tools and household items that adorned an old traditional house. In Embonas there are trails in the Kyparissi Natural Forest, an area of over 1,350 decares (334 acres), which is one of the 51 Natural Monuments in Greece included in the Natura 2000 Network, while 7 km south to the village you will come across the Monastery of Artamitis with the exquisite iconostasis. For nature lovers and those of you who can bear rocky and steep places, ask the villagers to take you to a small oasis hidden in the village’s forest area and enjoy the magnificent view of a waterfall in the lush nature’s majesty.

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