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13 Best Beaches in Rhodes, Greece

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13 Best Beaches in Rhodes, Greece

The popular Greek island of Rhodes in the Southern Aegean features a warm, golden coastline that boasts miles of swoon-worthy beaches surrounded by the glistening Mediterranean Sea.

Rhodes beaches range from secluded coves and isolated stretches to action-packed, family-friendly resorts on the sand. Here are 14 of the best beaches in Rhodes to uncover during your next Mediterranean vacation.

Wedged between two rocky headlands, the Blue Flag Tsambika Beach is a serious contender for the title of the best beach in Rhodes due to its shallow shore featuring pretty candy-like swirls of turquoise water and honey-colored sand.

Pack your swimsuit as the crystal-clear water will tempt you to dive in. Here, you can hire watersports equipment from the beach or kick back on the soft sand. There’s also a fun obstacle course-style amusement park if you fancy scrambling over inflatables anchored in the water.

If you can tear yourself away from the sand, you’ll find a cluster of laidback tavernas and cafes dotted around the beach.

For a family-friendly and well-organized golden expanse of sand, head to Faliraki, one of the best beaches in Rhodes. It’s arguably the most popular tourist beach on the island with ample space for little ones to run around in the sand and splash in the sea. You’ll find sunbeds and parasols, changing facilities with showers and bathrooms, and water activities such as jet skis.

Hotels, restaurants, and shops flank this three-mile-long golden beach. After you’ve wiggled your toes in the sand and taken a dip in the sea, hunt down a tasty gyro, the local kebab-style street food typically made up of pork or chicken and topped with lashings of tzatziki) in one of the beach-backed diners.


Part sand, part pebble beach, Elli is a U-shaped bay that bends over the northern crescendo of the island. It is located on the site where The Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, is thought to have stood between 292 and 226 B.C.

Elli Beach might not offer the fine, soft sand found on some of the island’s other shores, but it remains one of Rhodes’ best beaches for its soul-soothing sunsets and inviting cerulean-blue water. The expansive beach has plenty of room for frolicking on the sand. And for a rush of adrenaline, swim out to the three-level platform, where you can take a thrilling leap into the water below.

On the shore, you’ll find sunbeds, multi-colored parasols, and watersports equipment available. The Rhodes Casino, aquarium, and a plethora of shops, bars, and restaurants are also found near the beach.


Head to the southeast coast of Rhodes and explore the golden sands of Lindos Beach, a sheltered cove with wonderfully calm water and ideal conditions for swimming and bathing.

There are no watersports facilities here, but you will find everything else you need as there are bathrooms, showers, changing facilities, and sun loungers. When you grow hungry or just want to enjoy an ice-cold beverage, head to one of the restaurants and sun-dappled terraces surrounding Lindos Beach.

Admire the Old Town’s traditional whitewash houses and squeeze in a visit to the ancient ruins of Lindos Acropolis. This famous Greek landmark is perched atop 116-meter-high cliffs, which offer phenomenal views of the azure ocean below.

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Traganou Beach

Drawing fewer crowds because of its pebbled surface, Traganou Beach has an uncrowded and unspoiled feel. Located on the island’s northeast shore, Traganou is roughly a 20-minute drive south of Rhodes Town and an appealing option for sunseekers and beach lovers because of its parasols, loungers, and clear, calm water that is perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

On the north side of the beach, Traganou Cave also makes for a fun discovery. Swim into the shadow of the caves or wander into the nooks from the beach.

If you plan on swimming, wear aqua shoes to protect your soles from the hard pebbles as you enter the water. Once you’ve spent enough time in the waves, settle down for some superb seafood at Traganou Taverna, the beach’s only restaurant.


Prasonisi Beach

This strip of sand on the island’s southern tip might be a trek from the northern center, but Prasonisi is well worth the trip. Unlike any other Rhodes beach, you’ll find a wide section of sand that narrows to a spit connecting to Prasonisi Island with the warm Mediterranean Sea splashing at either side.

Due to its unique location, Prasonisi Beach has a split personality. On one side of the spit, conditions are windy and perfect for surfing. On the other, the beach is calm and ideal for bathing and swimming.

Particularly in July and August, Prasonisi Beach is a hive of surfing activity. If you’re keen to give it a go, wetsuits and boards can be rented out. For those who want even more activity, follow the hilly path to the far side of Prasonisi Island to reach the lighthouse and drool over the eye-popping scenery.

If you rent a car and drive down from the north, there’s plenty of space for parking at the entrance to the beach. You’ll also find showers, bathrooms, watersports, and sun loungers.

Stegna Beach

This Grecian gem is home to powder-soft sand and bordered by delicious lemon and almond groves. The gorgeous Stegna Beach is a hit with locals; a surefire sign you’ve found one of the best beaches in Rhodes.

Though it’s only eighteen miles south of Rhodes Town, Stegna has a more of an off-the-beaten-track feel with tons of rustic charm that some of the island’s livelier resorts lack. Loungers and parasols can be rented out on the beach, but there’s a section of the shore where you can simply toss your towel directly onto the sand.

If you have time to spare, check out the town of Archangelos, less than two miles inland from the beach. Centered on the 19th-century Church of the Archangel Michael, Archangelos is a delightful example of an authentic Rhodian town. Stop by the Archangelos Olive Oil Factory to pick up a bottle of locally produced oil—one of the best souvenirs from Greece to bring back to loved ones at home.

Kamiros Beach

Situated on the northwest coast, Kamiros Beach is an effortless 35-minute drive from Rhodes Town. Its secluded location near the ancient town of Kamiros, which formed one of the original cities on the island in the 5th-century B.C., means the beach is usually crowd-free with plenty of space to kick back and work on your tan or take shade below a thatched parasol on the beige-hued sand.

If you want to explore some of the smaller, more remote islands off of Rhodes, jump on a boat excursion from Kamiros to the islets of Halki and Alinda. While you’re in the area, explore the Archaeological Site of Kamiros, discovered as recently as 1929, which is just a fifteen-minute walk from the shore.

Feeling hungry? The family-run Old Kamiros Taverna that is located on the beach is the best spot around for fresh grilled seafood and shellfish.

Agios Pavlos Beach

Located in St. Paul’s Bay on the southeast tip of Rhodes, Agios Pavlos Beach is popular with in-the-know tourists and local beachcombers for its relaxed, family-friendly vibe.

This easy-on-the-eye spot is one of the best beaches in Rhodes and is neatly nestled between rocky outcrops, where you’ll find locals diving into the water. The ivory sand is occupied by rows of parasols and sun loungers, while local fishing boats gently bob in the nearby harbor.

To the north side of the beach is Tambakio, a chic seafood taverna. Reserve an alfresco table and tuck into a menu of ouzo-sauteed shrimp, deep-fried whitebait, and whole sea bream caught just outside the bay.

Red Sand Beach

If you’re on the hunt for a secluded stretch of sand, look no further than Red Sand Beach.

Getting down to this beach backed by towering sandstone cliffs is an adventure that is accessed only by boat from one of the nearby beaches, such as Lindos or Kalathos.

Once you make it there, Red Sand Beach is a harmonious spot. Most of the time, the only other beachgoers you’ll see are the ones that shared the boat ride over. There are no facilities so you’ll want to pack water, food, a sun hat, and plenty of sunscreen.

Swim in the aquamarine water and soak up the tranquility on the shore before it’s time for your return boat ride.

 Agathi Beach

Enjoy a beach day on the blissful Agathi Beach, located north of Red Sand Beach on the east coast. Agathi is a quintessential Greek paradise with fine golden sand and shallow turquoise water.

The water’s clarity makes it perfect for snorkeling—though there are no snorkel rental facilities on the beach, so bring your own mask and breathing tube. Just south of the beach, on the clifftop, lie the remains of the Byzantine-era Feraklos Castle. If you’re up for it, hike to the ancient site to explore the Greek ruins and soak up the extraordinary views of the Turkish mainland.


Limni Beach

Venture past the island’s ancestral olive groves to the southwest coast and explore this dreamy Rhodes beach. While west coast Rhodes beaches tend to be on the wild and windier side, Limni thankfully feels more sheltered.

You’ll find few people and even fewer facilities on Limni Beach, but that’s all part of its charm. Sun loungers and umbrellas are typically only available in July and August and there are bathrooms in the parking lot. Pack wisely and include a generous picnic of cold Greek mezze to devour on the beach as you soak up the stunning scenery.

If you’ve rented a car, go on a trip to the 15th-century Monolithos Castle, a short 15-minute drive north of Limni. This Greek castle is accessed via a steep hill with the chalk-colored St. Panteleimon and St. George chapels at the center of the ruin.

Don’t miss the breathtaking views over the seemingly endless Aegean Sea towards the neighboring island of Halki. There’s also a cafe at the castle, which makes for a welcome pitstop when you need to shelter from the sultry heat.

Mavros Kavos Beach

Drive roughly 30 miles southeast of the capital to Pefki, a quiet resort where you can stumble upon Mavros Kavos Beach. While Rhodes’ northern coastline has gradually built up over time, little has changed in this tranquil nook of the coastline.

Fringed by fragrant pine and cedar trees, this sunbathed strip is one of Rhodes’ finest beaches for its vast swath of soft golden sand and curvaceous dunes. The area is popular with snorkelers thanks to its clear seas and colorful marine life. Jump into the deliciously warm water and explore life below the sea.

There are no facilities directly on Mavros Kavos Beach, but you’ll find restaurants and a local supermarket in peaceful Pefki.

You won’t regret taking the trip out to this beach. If you’re lucky, you may just catch the Aegean waters glistening gold as you meander back up the east coast highway during sunset.




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