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Hippocrates Square Rhodes - Live Cam

Live streaming from Rhodes Old Town

  • 04/11/2323 13:38
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Hippocrates Square Rhodes - Live Cam

Live from Old Town 

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【LIVE】 Πλατεία Ιπποκράτους- Ρόδος | SkylineWebcams

Welcome to the old town of Rhodes, where Hippocrates Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, stands as one of the most enchanting destinations. The square is a captivating piece of Rhodes' history and culture, and it's a favorite gathering spot for both locals and visitors.

Hippocrates Square is surrounded by medieval buildings and narrow alleyways that exude an atmosphere of another era. The cobblestone streets, colorful and dazzling shops, and traditional tavernas create a unique sense of authenticity and serve as an endless source of inspiration. Additionally, there are numerous historical and cultural landmarks, such as the Castellania Library housed in the grand mansion.

The square marks the beginning of the renowned Socrates Street, which distinguishes itself as one of the bustling hubs of the island for commercial activity and for exploring the medieval town of Rhodes.


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