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Travel: Rhodes is made for couples and families

Where families feel good

Travel: Rhodes is made for couples and families

No wonder Rhodes is a favorite destination for couples and families with children: Away from the golden beaches, the island shines with beautiful nature, romantic places, magical sunsets, an extravagant nightlife, great hotels and much more.

Rhodes is surrounded almost seamlessly by sandy beaches and emerald green bays, many of which have been awarded the Blue Flag for excellent water quality. Most bathing resorts are lined up along the fine sandy east coast. Here you will also find the most romantic beaches on the island, such as Tsambika Beach, where you can walk at least 100 meters into the sea on soft sand.

Where families feel good

The beaches and bathing bays of Kalithea, Kiotari and Kolymbia are perfect for families with small children: you can dig undisturbed in the sand or enjoy the program in the family hotel. The most popular bathing resort is Faliráki not far from Rhodes town. The island offers some of the most luxurious resorts in the Mediterranean here, as well as family hotels, holiday apartments and villas in the villages.

Individualists are drawn to the west coast. The beaches here are mostly pebbly, but often deserted. The natural spectacle of Prasonisi in the extreme south of the island, where the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean meet, is unique: Here, in front of a beautiful sandy beach and white dunes, a narrow strip of land divides the east coast from the west coast. While the west side is popular with windsurfers, the east side, with views of mainland Turkey, is popular with beach holidaymakers, with family-friendly activities ranging from banana boat rides to pedal boating.

The further south you go, the quieter it gets, the more the hinterland away from the coasts with small, ancient Greek villages comes into focus. The hilly land, severely cut by valleys, rises 600 meters from the sea, the highest point, Mount Attavyros, measures 1215 meters. The wide, fertile plains on the coast are replaced by a Mediterranean landscape with olive groves, vineyards and pine forests that is hard to find more romantic. In between, you keep coming across traces of the past, on Byzantine monasteries or the ruins of knights' castles.

Three hotspots for sunsets

• Picturesque: The village of Lindos consists of snow-white houses stretching up a mountain topped by an acropolis.
• Impressive: From Filerimos hill one can see Rhodes town and also the highest mountain of the island, Attavyros.
• Unique: The Johanniter fortress Monolithos was built on a rock more than 200 meters vertically above the sea.


Unforgettable: saying yes on Rhodes
Given the abundance of romantic locations, it is not surprising that around 1000 weddings are performed in Rhodes every summer well into the warm November. The most popular wedding hotspots are in Rhodes Town, Kallithea, Ialyssos and Lindos, here is a small selection:


  • Rhodes Town: The medieval Grand Master's Palace and the steps of the imposing town hall are popular locations in the island's capital.
  • Kallithea Springs: The ancient thermal bath complex with art deco buildings is located directly on the water.
  • Lindos: The St. Paul's Chapel on Paul's Bay near the picture-book village forms the perfect backdrop for a dream wedding.
  • Mandraki : The port with the two deer statues Elafos and Elafina is the symbol of Rhodes and is located right next to the old town in Rhodes town.
  • Rodini Park: The historic park along a creek scores with sun-protected walking paths, a pretty inner courtyard and many peacocks.
  • Valley of the Butterflies: Pure nature experience in Petaloudes with streams, waterfalls, tall plane trees and butterflies in July and August.

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