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Faliraki Rhodes: The Party Destination for a Night Out

From Bar Street to Club Street, Experience the Thrills of Faliraki's Nightlife

  • 02/02/2323 20:48
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Faliraki Rhodes: The Party Destination for a Night Out

Faliraki is a popular party destination that has been attracting visitors since the 1990s. Although it's not as wild as it once was in the 90s and early 2000s, it is still a lively place to party. If you're looking for a more relaxed party scene, Faliraki is the perfect place for you.

The party season in Faliraki is during the summer months of June, July, and August. However, if you visit outside of these months, such as in June, September, or October, you will find that the nightlife is less hectic. Faliraki has two main party areas: Bar Street and Club Street. As soon as the sun sets, these are the places to be for a night of partying.


The bars and clubs in Faliraki are a hit with young partygoers, with the party scene geared towards 18-30 holidays. You'll see plenty of young people, as well as stag dos and hen parties, out to have a good time. From cocktail bars to clubs, there's no shortage of places to party in Faliraki.

The nightlife on Bar Street starts at around 10pm and continues into the early hours of the morning. The street is filled with bars offering cheap cocktails and fish bowls, perfect for a wild night out.

When you're ready for more partying, head over to Club Street for a night of non-stop fun. If you're looking to meet fellow partygoers, a pub crawl is a great option. With so many options for a night out, Faliraki is the perfect destination for those looking to party hard.

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