Discover the Magic of Reading at the Exchange Library in Mandraki, Rhodes

A Place for Kids and Adults Alike: Find Your Next Favorite Book at Our Exchange Library

  • 29/01/2323 17:11
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Discover the Magic of Reading at the Exchange Library in Mandraki, Rhodes

The Exchange Library in Rhodes, Mandraki is a unique and special place that offers its community the opportunity to exchange books in a freely accessible and community-led space. This library is located next to the famous Trullos in the heart of Mandraki, making it a convenient destination for local residents and visitors.

The Exchange Library differs from traditional libraries in that it acts as a backup space, where anyone can come and go, dropping off and taking books as they please. The library relies on the care and participation of the community to maintain its efficient operation, providing access to its "treasures" for all.

The creation of this library was a collective effort, with members of the local community coming together to support its establishment, both financially and practically. In addition, the talented painter Heike Kummer was commissioned to design the library's unique and attractive theme.

The Exchange Library was created by the 'Voluntary Reading Group' known as 'The Balloon'. This group provides an opportunity for people to meet and share their love of reading, exchange book recommendations, and engage in discussions about their favorite books. This makes the Exchange Library a truly community-driven space where the love of reading and learning is celebrated and shared.

In conclusion, the Rhodes Exchange Library in Mandraki is a wonderful resource for the local community, offering access to a wide range of books and a community of bibliophiles. By supporting this library and joining the 'Volunteer Reading Group' we can all help ensure its continued success and ensure that its treasures remain available to all.

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