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Rhodes Faliraki Nudist beach Mandomata : One of the best nudist beaches in Europe

Rhodes Faliraki Nudist beach Mandomata : One of the best nudist beaches in Europe

Nudist beach Mantomata is a very beautiful and special beach in Faliraki. It is located between Kathara Beach and Anthony Quinn Bay and has a unique history.

The beautiful beach due to its natural configuration but also its location at the beginning of tourist attendance, due to the steep point it is located, became a pole of attraction for lovers of nudism. In the first years of the presence of nudists in the area of ​​the 60s and 70s, an issue of morality was created among the villagers as it was considered unthinkable at a time when in Greece the length of a girl's skirt had a fixed size on the beach to walk around naked creating a disturbance. Multiple requests were made by the residents of the village for the removal of the nudists




Crystal clear waters in Faliraki
 After the intervention of the state and the strict rules of access to the beach, the issue was resolved and the nudists could freely and protectedly enjoy the facilities of the beach. Over time, it became an important place for the visitation of the area since the wave of nudists was constantly growing. Due to its beauty and its uniqueness on the island of Rhodes, it has resulted in being one of the world-famous nudist beaches. If you are fans of the genre, you certainly know her and you are probably reading this article lying on her golden sand!


  • Restaurant
  • Locker room
  • Public toilet
  • Free parking
  • For nudists only


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