The amazing Villa F in Rhodes

A masterpiece of modern architecture overlooking the Aegean

  • 27/12/2222 13:02
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The amazing Villa F in Rhodes

The location of the plot of this Rhodes holiday home was in itself so privileged and at such a strategic point that any construction would have to be able to subtly impose itself on the setting. The area is three meters above the beach road, which is bordered by a very old natural stone wall. The wall remained intact and was reinforced so that it could be integrated into the complex and constitute, in addition to a border, the "frame" that would enclose the unique view towards the sea.

Villa F holiday home is designed for a couple. At first glance, the form of the building appears to be out of place in relation to the physical context. However, this first impression is reversed when one is inside or passes the main entrance to it, through the stone fence.

The ultra-light construction uses a state-of-the-art microclimate creation system that is called upon to serve the home's heating and cooling system. It is a country house, which means that it remains inactive and uninhabited for long periods of time. It is essential for the convenience of the owners that the building is cooled as well as heated as quickly as possible and remains protected. On its roof there are also installed photovoltaic units that ensure energy autonomy.

The bet of the architectural office was to create a functional, modern space with a desire to highlight the futuristic building element, without exaggerating the eye of the passerby. Emphasis has been placed on not reducing but also gaining every beneficial measure that would provide a magnificent view of the Aegean. The levels of the plot and the design of the main volume give the necessary height, which is invisible from the outside. All facades and functional areas of the residence are developed towards the sea. The 220 sq.m. of the residence exhaust every leeway given to lean towards the vast blue and create an almost cinematic effect.

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