English Villages of Rhodes

Sianna Village, Rhodes

Sianna Village, Rhodes

Sianna is a beautiful village of Rhodes. Sianna is a semi-mountainous village built at the foot of Attavyros. It is a traditional village with beautiful houses and lots of greenery that fills its visitors with beautiful images. It stands out for its developed beekeeping. The pure honey of the area is considered the best of the island.

On the slopes of Mount Akramitis, charming Siana is a lively village known for its stores selling patterned rugs, ceramics, and the potent, grape-infused sumas liqueur. Local chima wine and honey-flavored desserts are served in open-air tavernas and bars. The exterior of the twin-spired, 19th-century Church of St. Pantaleon is decorated with mosaics, and it has ornate frescoes and silver icons inside


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