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Lachania Village, Rhodes

Lachania Village, Rhodes

Lachania is a traditional village of southern Rhodes built at the foot of Mount Kopanas at an altitude of 71 meters above sea level. Administratively, it belongs to the Municipality of Rhodes and is about 65 km from the center of the island's capital .

Due to its geographical location, the village provides an excellent panoramic view that reaches all the way to the sea. The natural bay of the nearby Plimmyri beach is of great ecological importance, as it is a refuge for the reproduction of the sea turtle Caretta caretta .

In the center of the village in 1848 the Holy Church of Ag. Georgiou, whose bell tower, after repeated operations, was finally reconstructed in 2008. The village square was used for filming various scenes of the 1987 film "High Season" with Jacqueline Bisset and Irini Papa . In the area it occupies, there are many old monasteries, the most famous being that of Zoodochos Pigi.

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