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Arnitha Village, Rhodes

Arnitha Village, Rhodes

Arnitha is a village in southern Rhodes. It is located on the north-western slopes of the peak "Troulos" (515 m.), on a branch of the river Sianitis and at the end of the main road from Apolakia, at an average altitude of 150. It is about 77 km SW. of the city of Rhodes (via Lindos). The local community is characterized as a rural lowland settlement, with an area of ​​21,958 km² (2011). 

About 85 km away from the lights of the city of Rhodes, at an altitude of 150 meters on a green route there is a small picturesque village, unchanged over time by modern developments, with a Dodecanese flavor.

At the entrance of the village there is a fountain under the shade of a plane tree with drinking cool water that gives the traveler a cool breath to wander pleasantly through the narrow streets of the village. Traditional houses with a white background and colorful gardens create the feeling of a traditional settlement. It is also worth a visit to the monastery of Agios Filimonos, a post-Byzantine monastery, which in ancient times was a cult temple of Apollo, while climbing the mountain towards the end of the village is the small church of Agios Nikonos (13th century), from which one can enjoy the panoramic view of the sea, the mountains of Mesanagro and the monastery of Panagia Skiadeni.

The village of Arnitha offers many options to travelers who love nature and hiking, since it is a natural landscape full of coniferous and fruit trees, as well as agricultural crops. Of particular beauty are the "Foudana-Vodi" locations for its waterfalls, as well as the gorge in the "Kleisoura" area. Also look for Paleokastro hill, where traces of a small settlement, castle and Hellenistic tombs were found. The view of the other peaks from Paleokastro is magnificent. An interesting route for hiking is also considered towards the village of Apolakkia, through the mountains, towards the Monastery of Agioi Theodoros.

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