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Gennadi Village, Rhodes

Gennadi Village, Rhodes

Gennadi (Greek: Γεννάδι) is a Greek village, seat of the municipal unit of South Rhodes, on the island of Rhodes, South Aegean region. In 2011 its population was 671. The village is 64 km from the town of Rhodes and 27 km from ancient Lindos and 65 km from the Airport of Rhodes. It is an agriculture place with a bit of tourism located on the south east side of Rhodes coast.

Centered on its long, sand-and-pebble beach, Gennadi village is fairly quiet during the week, but is famed for its summer Sunday beach parties, when DJs play chilled music at hip seafront bars. Buzzing open-air tavernas serving meze and moussaka fill lively streets, alongside stores selling beachwear, local honey, and baklava pastries. Accommodation options include low-key vacation villas and midpriced hotels.

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